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LCD Inverters

Laptop inverter boards (also know as LCD inverter, FL inverter, screen inverter, backlight inverter) come in different shapes and sizes.

The LCD inverter is a laptop circuit board component that powers the lamps of an LCD (liquid crystal display) which produces the backlight to the monitor. A damaged LCD inverter is the most common cause in cases where a laptop screen goes dark and it’s difficult to see the information printed on it. offers a complete line of replacement Laptop LCD Inverters.

Replace your failed LCD inverter through a big selection of models and part numbers on our page. We have all the LCD inverters for all the laptop models and brands such asd HP, COMPAQ, DELL, TOSHIBA, ACER, ASUS, IBM, FUJITSU, SIEMENS, PACKARD BELL, LENOVO, ARMADA and many more. All our products come with a warranty and worldwide shipping is available.


FSC LIFEBOOK C2320 C2310 C2340 LCD INVERTER - CP241926-01

P/N: CP241926-01 REV 02

Price: 16.20 €

CPQ PRESARIO C700 V5000 LCD INVERTER - 19.21030.M41

P/N: 19.21030.M41

Price: 17.32 €


P/N: AS023216000

Price: 18.56 €

CPQ NX8220 NC6220 NC8230 LCD INVERTER - 6038A0003601

P/N: D7308-B001-Z1-0

Price: 16.20 €

HI-GRADE 8615 GTK LCD INVERTER - 412810300001

P/N: 412810300001

Price: 19.24 €

NEC VERSA M500E LCD INVERTER - 316682200001

P/N: 316682200001

Price: 18.56 €

PATRIOT 3070 GR 6000GR LCD INVERTER - 48.V1482.001/D

P/N: 48.V1482.001/D

Price: 17.32 €

HP CPQ CQ50 CQ60 G50 G60 LCD INVERTER - 19.21030.M46

P/N: 19.21030.M46

Price: 19.80 €

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